Biyernes, Marso 23, 2012

Benj’s Theory of Altered Love

Just this afternoon, I came up with a theory that might be helpful in understanding LOVE. Yes, I know I’m not expert at this so I’ll just try to be logical and just with my explanations.

My theory is that LOVE, in whatever form it may be, is already ALTERED when we put it into action. Love is a NATURAL force that comes to each individual and comes out altered due to our individuality and uniqueness. It is reduced, magnified, exaggerated, underrated, overrated etc. Factors that affect this is due to our behavior, perception, or past experiences..

 Halimbawa sa PANLILIGAW. Courtship is a form of love that is highly altered. It is magnified. The one who courts tend to be in his “unnatural” state, doing things he doesn’t normally do. These efforts, although come from the heart with passion and thoughtfulness, are planned and anticipated. We do an “extra mile”.

The word “unnatural” seems to create a negative notion. It sounds like it’s fake. But try to look at this. What kind of love do you give to your parents who take care of you, feed you, give you the best future in the world? You give them a very SPECIAL and EXTRAORDINARY love. This is not just love. It is a different love. Scorge love. From a simple force, we create a love which depends on our level of relationship with a person or a group of people. On the other hand, it’s a different kind of love if your parents did the other way around. It’s a different love that you show to a stranger. Different love to animals, friends, country, self, God, etc. It is unnatural in the sense that is beyond simple. What we add to it makes it not the same love that comes naturally in our minds hence, unnatural.

 The love that was shown in the movie, PAY IT FORWARD is a love that has a goal. It is a vision. It is a hope. It is an advocacy. Once love is poured with human element it becomes a love that has a purpose. We receive love in an innocent and virgin state. We serve as the medium of that external force.

There is no love that passes to a person unaltered and is applied in its unaltered state. Each love is already unnatural. We process love and we distribute it to the world on different forms and weights.


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