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My AMAZING Experience

The Amazing Race Promotional Event Trinoma Mall, Quezon City November 3, 2007

Pagkatapos kong matalo sa Amazing Mall Challenge sa Megamall (April 21,2007)... ay muli nanamang umiral ang aking pagiging frustrated AMAZING RACE superstar... hehehe.. muli nanaman akong sumali sa isang breathtaking Amazing Race.. this time, sa Trinoma Mall..  

This time i chose Franco as my team mate.. alam ko kapag siya ang pinili ko for sure mananalo kami..(coz he's really physically fit for this kind of game.. hehehe)...   I couldnt believe when the Race Organizer, Kerry called me and confirmed that i and Paco will be racing on that event.. hehehe..   Sabi ko, "Eto na yun.. mananalo na ako.."    

It was never easy... before pa magsimula ang race ay parang i want to back out na.. almost all our competitors were bunch of good-looking people (models, conyos, etc.. name it)...      Hehehe... pero di umubra ang mga goodlooking people...the reporter of that event interviewed us (abangan nyo sa AXN ang aming interview..hehe).. aba.. at mukhang early favorites kami.. hehe... Cameraman, marshalls, race officials, and even Trinoma bystanders and shoppers had a great time watching our tandem.. (esp. the staff of Toy's R Us store and RedBox).. 

Here are some of the tasks that we did...  

 -get the clue hanging on the pabitin...

-finish an entire corn on the cob without the aid of hands.. (nahulog yung corn namin.. worried pa nga ako e kasi RETOKADO ANG NGIPIN KO.. hehe) 

-i-arrange ang mga colored bricks

- complete one side of a Rubik's Cube ..(i did the task...and we gained some lead coz i finished it quickly)

-transfer 50 peanuts from one platter to another using chopsticks (grabe tumulo ang pawis ko..)

- memorize a poem while riding the dizzying carousel.

-duet singing challenge at Red Box.. (nabunot namin ang DANCING QUEEN by Abba as our song...)

-pop a balloon with AXN logo inside an iflattable castle (i did the task)

-an open-the-box-with-the-right-key mission  from over 20 keys.. (whoa.. buti nahanap agad ni Paco ung tamang key)

- complete a Tower of Hanoi task (paki search na lang kung paano laruin toh.. hard to explain eh.. but it was never easy..we did it at TOYS R US store.. i was yelling at my partner and the staff were laughing at us.. waahh)

 - complete an electric loop (kapag under pressure ka u will never finish this task..laging tumatama sa kuryente yungwire ko.. kakainis.. hehe)

 -cover 3 eggs and drop it from 3rd floor to the ground floor without breaking it... (in front of Zong Restaurant)  

. I should say that we finished the tasks sooo freakin fast... there were time in the race that we found ourselves in 2nd place, then 1st place, then 5th place then 3rd tas 2nd place ulit...   kaya lang...   when we were heading ur way to the FINAL PITSTOP... i and paco were unable to find it...   And we got eliminated..   we didnt reach the 4th and final zone..   waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh  

TALO NANAMAN AKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   bale hanggat may ganyang event sasali at sasali ako..   wanna be my next team mate?? hehehe   anyway, we finished 10th place... not bad though, but still a loser.. hahaha

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